Before you start

You will need certain details before you can make a complaint about police.

You need to be able to provide an explanation of what happened.

The following details are not required, but helpful to include:

  • names and details of the police officers (including gender, badge numbers, rank, police station)
  • when the conduct occurred
  • where it took place
  • other details (including other witnesses, descriptions or video footage).

Our complaint forms include questions to prompt you about this information.

Do I have to provide my own details? 

We ask you to share your contact details with us so we can follow up with you if we need to, or tell you about the outcome.

You don't have to provide your name and can remain anonymous, but we won't be able to contact you with updates.

How can I make a complaint?

There are a few ways you can make a complaint about police.

We can also post a hard copy form to you to complete and return to us.

You can also make a complaint directly to SA Police by: