The Office for Public Integrity (OPI) exercises its responsibilities based on a number of pieces of legislation.

This includes the:

Complain about the OPI

The OPI is an independent office, which means the way we carry out our functions cannot be directed by a Minister, Chief Executive or other person.

To make sure our powers are being exercised appropriately, the Inspector has oversight over our office.

The independent Inspector is appointed to undertake an annual review of the OPI's exercise of powers, to ensure those powers were exercised in an appropriate manner. The review must consider whether there is any evidence of:

  • corruption, misconduct or maladministration in public administration on the part of the OPI or employees of the OPI; or
  • unreasonable invasions of privacy by the OPI or employees of the OPI.

The review must consider whether undue prejudice to the reputation of any person was caused and whether the practices and procedures of the OPI were effective and efficient, and whether the OPI carried out their functions in a manner that was likely to assist in preventing or minimising corruption in public administration.

The Inspector may also examine any particular exercises of power by the OPI.

The independent inspector can also receive complaints from members of the public relating to the conduct of any person exercising or purporting to exercise functions and powers under the ICAC Act. The role of the Inspector is not to review the decisions of the OPI in relation to the outcome of a complaint or report.

Complaints can be made to the Inspector by downloading and completing the complaint form on the Inspector's website and:

For more information, visit the Inspector's website.