When you make a complaint about SA Police to the OPI, it will be received by an intake officer at the OPI and then referred to the Internal Investigation Section (IIS) of SA Police.

In some cases, your complaint might be referred directly to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

If you made a complaint or report about public administration, the process is a little different.

Internal Investigation Section

The IIS will assess your complaint to determine the most appropriate action.

This could include:

  • a full investigation
  • a management resolution process
  • no further action.

The IIS can decide not to take action for a number of reasons. This includes if the IIS consider an investigation unnecessary or unjustifiable, or if a complaint is not made in good faith, or if it has been dealt with previously.

How does the OPI oversee your police complaint?

The OPI reviews all assessments made by the IIS. If the OPI disagrees with their assessment, we can reassess the complaint.

Our decision is final.

We may also give directions to the IIS including directions about investigation methods, the matters to be investigated or the evidence to be obtained in relation to a specific investigation.

The OPI actively monitors investigations as they progress.

What happens then?

If your complaint is being managed by the IIS, the IIS will tell you about the outcome of their assessment or investigation.

If you have questions about a complaint being managed by the IIS, you need to ask them directly. We are not able to update or advise you on matters that are with the IIS.

Contact the IIS

If we refer your complaint to the ICAC, the ICAC will tell you about the outcome of their assessment.

Make a complaint about a police officer

Phone the OPI - 1300 782 489

Email the OPI - admin@opi.sa.gov.au