If you are a member of the public and think a South Australia Police (SAPOL) officer has acted inappropriately, you can make a formal complaint.

What can I make a complaint about?

You can complain about any conduct of a SAPOL officer you consider to be a breach of professional standards.

You can make a complaint to the OPI about:

  • an officer's honesty and integrity
  • being negligent in performing their duties
  • criminal or improper behaviour
  • using excessive force
  • drug and alcohol use
  • conflicts of interest
  • misuse of information
  • relationships with certain groups or organisations.

You cannot make a complaint to the OPI about:

  • fines or defect notices issued by police
  • decisions made by a court
  • the conduct of the Australian Federal Police
  • the conduct of interstate police.

The Police Complaints and Discipline Act 2016 governs the way complaints are made and managed about SA Police.

Make a complaint about a police officer

Phone the OPI - 1300 782 489

Email the OPI - admin@opi.sa.gov.au