A public officer must report any matter they reasonably suspect involves corruption in public administration to the OPI.

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What is a reasonable suspicion?

A suspicion is when you suspect something without having any direct knowledge that it is true.

You are entitled to have a suspicion about anything - but you only need to report your suspicion to the OPI if it is reasonable.

This means there needs to be a rational basis for holding the suspicion.

A case study - 'a reasonable suspicion'

You saw your colleague access the petty cash one morning. You then discovered $100 was missing.

Later that day, your colleague was showing off their new mobile phone they'd bought at lunchtime.

You form a reasonable suspicion that your colleague took the money - even though you have no proof.

Make a complaint about public administration

Phone the OPI - 1300 782 489

Email the OPI - admin@opi.sa.gov.au