You should make a complaint or report to the OPI if you think a South Australian public officer has broken the law, or acted in a way that is seriously inappropriate or negligent.

This includes the conduct of any state or local government agency or other government authority, and the people who work with them and for them.

You may also make a complaint or report to the OPI about the conduct of an SA Police officer.

Types of conduct you should report


Corruption is ordinarily conduct of a public officer (in his or her capacity as a public officer) that amounts to certain criminal offences.

This includes abusing power or position for a benefit and bribery, as well as an offence of breaching the duty of all public sector employees to act honestly at all times in the performance of their duties, whether within or outside the State.


Misconduct is when a public officer (in his or her capacity as a public officer) intentionally and seriously breaches the code of conduct by which he or she is bound.


Maladministration is about poor governance or the mismanagement of public resources or functions that might have serious implications for an agency and/or the community.

Make a complaint or report

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